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Welcome all visitiors,

At Saubhagya Finance (A part of Saubhagya Jyotish), we focused our knowledge implimentation into financial field of a personnal. and we are trying to grow the financial achievement of the person from vivid astrological/supernatural/hupothetical tools.

1. By Yantras

2. By GemStones

3. By taking Decisions at appropriate time according to your horoscope/chart

further, we analyze the possible trend of particular financial instrument with the special methods and we are happy to announce that our team is achieving the goal with more than 80% accurately in every field we are working here.

What we do?

==> We predict (Calculate) the trend with the target of dates not with the target of prices.

We, firmly believe that, price is a technical factor, but trend in something else. market is constant for all but not the profit /loss is constant for individuals. that makes the market variable for every one.

Try to take a look for our demo and a look on our past records. your next step will be the understanding of our services that how this thing works and how it may be useful for you.

If any query, feel free to call on +919414700914 between office hours.  (10:00 IST - 18:00 IST -Monday to Friday)


Dheeraj R Kumbhat

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